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Working from Home

The Power of Response-ability

We are Mind Detox Collective and we believe that culture determines a company's environment.

That environment is constantly being affected by the emotional and behavioural climate set by the individuals and teams within it. Get the climate right and the culture takes care of itself. We call this Culture Climate Control and it's the response-ability of everyone to keep the climate set to 'warm'. This is the sweet spot where people, productivity, and profits can thrive.

We get under the skin of your culture to fully understand it. Next, we train your chosen employees to become fully invested heroes, we call them Culture Climate Champions.

We train these Champions once a week for two hours over twelve weeks and give them the skills, strategy and self awareness to build a structure that supports a consistent climate of outstanding culture. 


Why outsource something as personal as culture?

We see it from a different perspective

Sometimes it's really hard to see something that you are really involved in from a different perspective. We use perceptual positions to understand your business from all angles. 

From the perspective of the leadership team to the perspective of the customer and everyone in-between. It is our ability to step outside and look from the outside-in (plus the fact that we are experts on this stuff) that gives us an advantage (and therefore you an advantage over the competition), instead of looking from the inside out.

The other major advantage is that by using an external company you are demonstrating your commitment and investment in your people and their experience of working for you. Happy teams are loyal teams, productive teams, motivated, purposeful and creative. What's not to like?


Our Mission

"Empowering individuals & teams to take responsibility for positive company culture"

The behaviour and associated feelings and emotions that are expressed (even subconsciously) by each individual throughout each day have an impact on the others within the team too and it can change the mood of the office substantially. This is why each and every person within an office can be charged with the task of being responsible for the climate that they are bringing or creating - essentially taking care of their equivalent of a carbon footprint. We refer to this as their emotional footprint. Our programmes harness this powerful mindset of responsible action and individual awareness, to ensure that your business benefits from the resulting loyalty, productivity, innovation and increased profits.

Business People Applauding

Happy teams outperform the competition by 20%

University of Warwick, Department of Economics



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Culture Climate Champions

Become the Expert

Every team creates its own micro-climate. This has its own 'weather' cycles over time that are identifiable and have profound effects on things like productivity, motivation etc. The team climate is affected by every person within that environment. If we all take responsibility for creating a healthy environment on a day to day basis and prevent a build up of toxic emotions, we can avoid the bigger problems that occur when this is left unchecked. Our Culture Climate Champions are trained to train others in the art of regulation and response-ability so that warmth becomes the default setting.

1-on-1 Coaching

Powerful Interventions

Even if you are an outstanding leader, an amazing listener and a natural Coach or Mentor, sometimes the people you work with just don't want to talk to you about the personal issues that are affecting their work and wellbeing. Maybe they are afraid of how they will be perceived, or what will happen next...the important thing is that there is a way for those who choose not to talk to a team member to still have access to fast, effective support.

20:20:20 Leadership Collective

Impactful Leadership

Quarterly coaching for Company Culture Leaders who want to double down on their impact and discover how to influence the future success of their teams.
The Leadership Collective is a membership based programme for individuals. It combines group discussion and action based learning to provide you with the skills and tools to drive your personal and professional growth so you can lead the way on culture development.


Meet the Founders

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Mind Detox Collective is the Brain Child of Nova, a Psychotherapist and Coach with 20 years experience. Nova has created and delivered training on everything from Emotional Intelligence to Productivity in some of the top companies in the world. She works one to one with Founders and CEO's in London and virtually with clients across the world. Nova is also an award winning Business Strategist and was one of only five businesses in the UK selected to be an official referral partner for Barclays Bank. She was once described as 'wise' but her teenage son laughed and it was never mentioned again.

Nova Cobban - CEO
Collective Energy Officer

Tom spent 15 years in the City as the Director of two multi award winning Recruitment businesses. He is trained to Master Practitioner level in Coaching NLP and other very clever mindset strategy things. A member of Resolution, he works extensively with clients going through divorce and separation. But don't worry, he does other stuff too, equally as brilliant. You'll find him doing all this in an eclectic array of attire from his favourite tweed waistcoat complete with pocket watch, to skinny jeans that he's far too old to wear and one of his teenage daughters hoodies!

Tom Nash - CIO
Collective Inspiration Officer

Spen's background in global corporations spans financial services, film & TV and digital media. As an experienced People & Culture / HR leader, he's worked with teams from C-suite to front line on all things people engagement, talent, organisational development, L&D and leadership coaching. He's known for his creative approach which saw him develop the first 'Culture Hacks' for a leading Financial Services organisation, subsequently taking the concept to other organisations including an International school in North Africa. He does a LOT of cycling and running too, we can't keep up!

Spencer Nash - CHO
Collective Happiness Officer


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