20:20:20 Leadership Collective


Impactful Leaders

  • Engage Purpose

  • Expand Trust

  • Encourage Response-Ability

  • Express Compassion

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We Hear You

Your job role has to navigate the careful blend of both the business and it's people and sometimes that's really hard!

  • How can I work on my own development at a high level, amongst peers who understand my challenges?

  • As a Leader, how can I manage the gap between supporting the emotional wellbeing of my teams and keeping productivity, performance and profits front of mind?

  • What does the future of great company culture look like and how can I bring it to life quickly, to stay competitive?


The Purpose of 20:20:20

Joining 20:20:20 is a way to work alongside other leaders with similar challenges in total confidence. It is a safe space to discuss the big cultural issues that are hard to navigate. Here, we talk about challenging themes without judgement.

  • Understand the massive impact behaviour and emotion has on company culture, including your own behaviours.

  • Be part of a safe, supportive and collaborative space in which you can grow as a Leader.

  • Experience a powerful blend of rigour from outstanding coaches and expert input alongside peer to peer support for accountability, sparking creative ideas and solutions and ensuring a growth mindset.

  • Understand how to navigate the landscape of an ever evolving 'now' and future proof your approach to change and the response to changes happening around you.

  • Understand who you and how this awareness sets you up for success in your professional life.

  • Dig into the big topics that are rarely spoken about but cause the biggest issues within company culture.


How it Works

Quarterly Themes, Monthly Meetings

Our members meet once a month as a live 1 hour Collective.

Each session is equally split with 20 mins of learning, 20 mins of discussion and 20 mins of action planning.

We provide downloadable supporting material to cement the learning from each session and record them so you can revisit at anytime for the lifetime of your membership.

We have a dedicated Slack channel so you can talk to other members of the group at anytime and ask for support and ideas.

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Who is this for?


Create Stability

Membership is aimed at Leaders in any sector who want to optimise emotions for high performance in the workplace by diving deep into issues that impact emotional stability.

Culture Influencers

Setting the Tone

Members are those who want to influence the future of culture and understand that every individual is an integral part of making it work.

Growth Mindset

It Starts with You

Our members already have a high level of self awareness and understand that conscious personal development is key to making a positive impact as a Leader.


Theme Q1: Trust

What does Trust look like in the workplace? Can we really offer full trust and still ensure performance? Where does trust change to wilful blindness?

Theme Q2: Compassion

When does compassion enhance relationships at work and when does it become problematic? Are we too focused on compassion or not focused enough?

Theme Q3: Responsibility

How does responsibility get confused with apportioning blame and what can we do to create a culture where everyone is responsible for their own mindset?


Join Our September Cohort

Our next 20:20:20 starts September 15th

Members join for a year but can pay monthly or annually for their membership

Monthly fee: £147

Annual fee (saving £300): £1500

Fast Action Bonus: Sign up and pay in full with our Annual Membership payment option before July 31st and get a VIP 1:1 half day Coaching session to help you accelerate your personal growth.